Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Twitter Twitter Cheep Cheep

I 've spotted a pair of sparrows nesting on top of my Ac railing box and constantly hear them tweet and twitter and feel so good hearing them.The simple reason being in my city vizag and in most parts of India the sparrows are disappearing ...getting extinct.The number of flats that are mushrooming are clear reasons for this there are absolutely no nooks and crannies for them to build nests.The felling of trees and lack of open terraces where in the past women dried foodgrains that served as food for these cute little birds are also considered reasons for their extinction by scientists.Nowadays, no one buys grains most buy ready made flour that needs no airing outside.Its sad that at one time the twitter of sparrows were almost in sync with the sunrise and sadly you hear it no more.Hope people will do something to save it like the tiger.The only twittering we do hear is on twitter the popular networking site.

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